Information for Students

Many of you will recognize the famous phrase.

TU PEUX LE FAIRE.  Spend an entire day in French?  Tu peux le faire (you can do it). You may feel overwhelmed at first, but most participants find themselves thinking in French very quickly, and are proud of what they’ve accomplished. You will earn a certificate at the end of the day for having successfully adhered to the French only language pledge.  Please bring a crayon, stylo or bic. Students are also encouraged to bring a dictionnaire français-anglais.

If you want to spend a journée formidable, please tell your French teacher and go to Registration!



Our expectations are that you will:

  • take a pledge to speak only French during the entire program;
  • stay in the language the entire day (you are encouraged to bring a dictionary);
  • talk around what you don’t know;
  • participate in all activities.

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